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(posted 3/15/09)

AIG says they have contractual obligations to pay $165 million in bonus's, Fine.

LET THEM GO BANKRUPT and see how those bonuses are paid.


(posted 7/7/08)

UPDATE 2009 I was re-credited the miles!

I had 27,000 American Airlines miles in my account and they said they would expire
Dec 28 2008 and that I did not have to worry about anything.

Well, they stole my miles and claimed that they could not notify me
of the policy change because I had opted out of receiving email.
But they initially told me those miles were safe and no policy change would effect them.

I am supposed to write Bastard Rob Friedman
PO Box 619688
DFW Airport , TX 75261

I will call my States attorney office and the FAA.

Who else should I contact? ANSWER

I was promised that those miles would not expire before Dec 28 2008

I am also filing
BBB of Metropolitan Dallas
(Dallas, TX)
1601 Elm, Suite 3838
Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: (214)220-2000
Fax: (214)740-0321

(posted 3/6/2007) Palmer paints sucks - Palmer Paints destroyed cat housess in 30 below wind chills
and leaving cats without shelter in fear of their lives, and subject to having their ears and tails freeze off.
read the story


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