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A simple, easy script to introduce discussion of the HepB vaccine for newborns.

During a regular conversation with anyone, to perk their interest, the scenario goes something like:

You: Can I ask you a question?
Other: (they say yes or facially signal ok)
You: Do you know what vaccine is given to a baby on the day it is born?
Other: (many seem surprised that this is done).
You: it's ok if you don't know, I had to learn too. (let them struggle a bit and then say,) I'll tell you.
You: It's the HepB
Other: (moves their head, like oh, like ok, or I should have known that).
You: Do you know how HepB is transmitted?
Other: (many will start thinking as if they should know this)
You: (let them struggle a few seconds,) It's ok, I had to learn as well. I'll tell you.
You: HepB is transmitted by dirty needles or sexual intimacy / coitus)
Other: (they might nod or say something, again as feeling like they should have known or remembered)
You: So why on the day a baby is born does it need this vaccination?
No vaccine is 100% safe, why take any risk of vaccine injury?

At this point the conversation may flow in any numer of ways but salient points to bring up are:
  1. The Vaccine's aluminum content exceeds CDCs own recommendation.
  2. and into a very immature immune system with a not as yet fully developed kidneys that can help eliminate aluminum.
  3. What's the harm in waiting several months or even years?

At some point acknowledge that this might hard to grasp as to why the CDC recommends this schedule. But the best answers I have gotten as to how we got to this point is that not all mothers are tested for HepB and to "protect" babies they all were given the vaccine.  No baby should be given this vaccine on the day of birth unless the mother tests positive for HepB.

We all need to work toward making this message go "viral"!
Please email  with attachment two friends friends.  
Hepb talking point sheet (pdf) and spread the message on social networks. | | |
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Hepb talking point sheet  (pdf)
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